Salem Apothecary sign – DarkBlack13 – Halloween


So, here’s a fun project I worked on recently. It’s a decorative sign the looks great for Halloween…or anytime if you ask me. The fun part of this for me was the word “Apothecary”. Not only is it fun to say, but I also created this part by hand. After a handful of thumbnail sketches, I created a tight pencil drawing. I took that drawing, scanned it in, and brought it into Adobe Illustrator. I then traced over my sketch using the pen tool (not the autotrace option for this one). I made some revisions to the type in this process. Smoothed out curves, tried to make the letters have some equal weight (not completely though, I like the movement of the word), and made sure the overall word was on an even arched path. Everything else in the sign was created in Adobe Illustrator. The whole idea was to do something dark and something a little whimsical.

The art is printed and sealed onto a black stained pine board and then a black chain is attached to finish the piece.

If you’d like one for yourself go over to the DarkBlack13 etsy shop here

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