Unfinished Comics

Many of my recent postings deal with projects that for one reason or another didn’t make it to the final stage. Well, here’s one more of those. A friend contacted me about one of their friends being interested in doing a graphic novel. We’ll call that guy Jim…for no reason other than I don’t really remember his name. So, Jim had an entire graphic novel (about 90-100 pages) written and was looking for an artist. Our mutual friend put us in contact with each other and I said I was interested in the project. Jim offered to pay for the artwork, which was nice, and that if it went anywhere we’d do more work together. So, I said let me read some of the script, I’ll do a sample page and then we can make revisions, adjustments, work on a timeline, figure out the whole thing. We agree and Jim sends me the script. It’s good stuff. Crime, noir-ish. Set in Philly area. I forget the title, but it was something to do with Gentlemen (because that’s what I named the file). I’m on board. I do the one page sample (posted here) and sent it off. A day or so later Jim calls me and gets my voicemail (don’t remember what i was doing), but he says he likes it, has some ideas and wants to work on a few things. I think “Cool. Let’s get this thing going”. I call him back and get his voicemail. I leave a message saying “Sorry i missed your call. Sounds good. give me a call and let’s discuss.” A couple days later Jim calls me again and again I was unavailable (probably doing something important like organizing my sock drawer) and he leaves a message saying, “Hey sorry we keep playing phone tag. I’m going through some stuff, but I want to get this thing going. Give me a call”. I understand stuff happens and going through it can be tough. So, I call him back probably an hour or so later and get his voicemail. Again, I say the same thing, “Sorry. Phone tag, blah blah blah, give me a call”. And that’s it. That’s how the story ends. Jim never called back. I never heard anything from him again. Sorry, there isn’t a better ending. Sometimes things just

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