Back from the Past

Here’s an ooooooooollllldddd illustration I did. It’s acrylic and some airbrush (mostly the sky). So, this is an illustration for the concept of “Hunter” and “Prey”. Not for a specific title or story. Just the concept. This took a ton of hours (which was tough considering I was in Art School and working part-time at the time).
Perhaps the biggest compliment I received from this piece came from the frontman of the band GWAR. Me and some of my friends decided to rent a table at a comic book show in NYC ( it was a smaller one in an old church). Well, the band GWAR happened to be there promoting there comic book stuff. My friends and I were trying to get our work out there and looking for gigs, but mostly ended up talking to each other rather than prospective clients. At least until the giant, perverse puppet-like creature, Oderus Urungus walked up to our table. He looked over our table and all the works, paused, pointed to the little fuzzy guy in the foreground of this illustration and proclaimed a sexual interest in it. He moved on and me and my friends looked at each other in disbelief and laughed.
One of my proudest moments, to say the least.

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