C.R.O.T.C.H. issue# 1 available on Comixology!


What is C.R.O.T.C.H.?

Celebrities Reacting Offensively To Criminal Happenings

In the heyday of Hollywood, organized crime ran show business. As it grew, the government had no choice but to step in and clean things up.

When they finished, they realized that they couldn’t leave Hollywood to govern itself, especially with such a wealth of untapped potential, so the government created the C.R.O.T.C.H. department.

C.R.O.T.C.H. had jobs that needed attention, and eager men and women looking to break into show business would do just about anything to have their names in lights. Quid pro quo.

Years later, C.R.O.T.C.H. changed its business model. Instead of making stars, they’re in the business of keeping stars in the spotlight. When their 15 minutes are up, or they get arrested one too many times and the public perception begins to turn, C.R.O.T.C.H. steps in to offer them an extension.

Some people are more desperate to keep the spotlight.

Written by: Jon Kos
Pencils, Inks, Lettered: Josh Will
Colors: Quico
Price: $2.99

Available now on Comixology
Get your copy of issue #1 today!

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Salem Apothecary sign – DarkBlack13 – Halloween


So, here’s a fun project I worked on recently. It’s a decorative sign the looks great for Halloween…or anytime if you ask me. The fun part of this for me was the word “Apothecary”. Not only is it fun to say, but I also created this part by hand. After a handful of thumbnail sketches, I created a tight pencil drawing. I took that drawing, scanned it in, and brought it into Adobe Illustrator. I then traced over my sketch using the pen tool (not the autotrace option for this one). I made some revisions to the type in this process. Smoothed out curves, tried to make the letters have some equal weight (not completely though, I like the movement of the word), and made sure the overall word was on an even arched path. Everything else in the sign was created in Adobe Illustrator. The whole idea was to do something dark and something a little whimsical.

The art is printed and sealed onto a black stained pine board and then a black chain is attached to finish the piece.

If you’d like one for yourself go over to the DarkBlack13 etsy shop here

You can also follow DarkBlack13 on facebook and tumblr.

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I did the pencils and inks for this digital comic book, C.R.O.T.C.H. #0 and it’s now on ComiXology.  I can’t promise that it will make your life better, but it just might.  Issue #0 of  C.R.O.T.C.H. is available now for only $0.99! Get yours today! HERE



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Viking PSA

I did this for www.Foshkos.com (also the facebook page is here). Every week my friend, let’s call him John, and I try to come up with something funny to post to Foshkos. We’d like to build up an audience of like minded people to entertain…and this is our attempt to do that. So, usually Thursday to Friday-ish we text back and forth to figure what to do for the next week. More times than not he is the one with the idea…this one was all me though, probably why it’s not as good as the others.
This is pretty straight forward with materials and technique. Blue pencils first, inks with tech pens and brush pens (a variety of them), scanned, cleaned in PhotoShop and letters done in Illustrator. Now you know.

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The Amazing Spider-kid

So, I know this isn’t the best photo of artwork, but I forgot to scan or take a better photo before I handed this piece over. This is pen and ink over blue pencil. It was a project in which the guy wanted his kid illustrated in a Spider-man suit and swinging through the city…all Spider-man cover-style. He then had it framed and hung on the kid’s bedroom wall. It was fun. I like Spider-man and drawing, so it worked out. I’ve debated on whether or not to offer this kind of thing as a regular service (since I get requests quite often). I might setup an ebay or etsy thing where people can go an order a custom piece like this. Stay tuned.

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The Pouch Master

Here’s a little something I did for Free Comic Book Day called the Pouch Master. You can download a file for your tablet or reader at Foshkos.com . Or you can see the full story plus bonus build-a-pouch artwork on the facebook page here. If you’re into the Twitter thing you should follow us @Foshkos.


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Green Lantern, Johns Stewart reads the internet

Rumors have been swirling through the internet that DC may kill off Green Lantern, John Stewart. You can see more of my comic stuff at the Foshkos facebook page

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Merry Foshkos!!

Foshkos Xmas

I’d like to mark this holiday with the official beginning of my new endeavor, Foshkos. A group of art school friends and I am starting a place where we can entertain you with comic strips, games, apps, ebooks, and lots more. Above is the first illustration I have done for the group. Our official website will be up and running soon. Until then we will be posting fun stuff to our facebook page, which you will find here. Join us…won’t you?



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Toy Maker…and cat.

Here’s a quick one today. It’s a character design for a coloring book, that probably happened, but I never saw the end result. The idea was to create a look for a Toy Maker and his pet cat (I forget the cat’s name). Long story short, the client wanted a fatter Toy Maker, I did that sketch (not sure where that is these days) and then I didn’t hear anything more. Why would you want a fat Toy Maker anyway? A Fat Candy Maker sure, but a fat Toy Maker?
Who knows?
I did get paid for what was done, but I would have liked to do a full coloring book. Perhaps another time.

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Unfinished Comics

Many of my recent postings deal with projects that for one reason or another didn’t make it to the final stage. Well, here’s one more of those. A friend contacted me about one of their friends being interested in doing a graphic novel. We’ll call that guy Jim…for no reason other than I don’t really remember his name. So, Jim had an entire graphic novel (about 90-100 pages) written and was looking for an artist. Our mutual friend put us in contact with each other and I said I was interested in the project. Jim offered to pay for the artwork, which was nice, and that if it went anywhere we’d do more work together. So, I said let me read some of the script, I’ll do a sample page and then we can make revisions, adjustments, work on a timeline, figure out the whole thing. We agree and Jim sends me the script. It’s good stuff. Crime, noir-ish. Set in Philly area. I forget the title, but it was something to do with Gentlemen (because that’s what I named the file). I’m on board. I do the one page sample (posted here) and sent it off. A day or so later Jim calls me and gets my voicemail (don’t remember what i was doing), but he says he likes it, has some ideas and wants to work on a few things. I think “Cool. Let’s get this thing going”. I call him back and get his voicemail. I leave a message saying “Sorry i missed your call. Sounds good. give me a call and let’s discuss.” A couple days later Jim calls me again and again I was unavailable (probably doing something important like organizing my sock drawer) and he leaves a message saying, “Hey sorry we keep playing phone tag. I’m going through some stuff, but I want to get this thing going. Give me a call”. I understand stuff happens and going through it can be tough. So, I call him back probably an hour or so later and get his voicemail. Again, I say the same thing, “Sorry. Phone tag, blah blah blah, give me a call”. And that’s it. That’s how the story ends. Jim never called back. I never heard anything from him again. Sorry, there isn’t a better ending. Sometimes things just

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