The Good Night Knight children’s book – Kickstarter NOW!

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Children’s book – Kickstarter

It’s finally here! You can order your hardcover copy of The Good Night Knight children’s book through Kickstarter NOW…HERE! Plus other fun goodies as well. But you might want to hurry, I’ve already had 4 original illustrations sell out and other rewards are going quick. Order your book by clicking here. You could also go to and then search for Josh Will or The Good Night Knight.

The Good Night Knight ebook cover - FREE children's ebook preview

The Good Night Knight ebook cover

The Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign will run until December 1st, 2017. It’s only a few days in and we are already over 60% of our goal. I am hopeful that we will meet and possibly exceed our goal. When the goal is met we will finally have a printed version of The Good Night Knight! I’m pretty excited about it.

A few people have asked questions about the Kickstarter campaign for my children’s book. I’ll try to answer them here incase others have the same question. If you have a different question about it, please comment below.

Question: Can I give you the money instead of Kickstarter? The answer is: Unfortunately No. I appreciate the offer, but the campaign is meant to raise the money needed to have the books printed. You can’t buy directly from me, because they don’t exist until the goal is met. Kickstarter won’t allow me to pledge money to my own project, because the purpose of the site is to fund projects you don’t already have the money for.

Related to the question above: If you want a book, please pledge on Kickstarter, rather than waiting until the books are printed. The campaign will dictate how many copies of the book I can get printed. I can’t promise I will have books to spare after the campaign is finished.

If you have already made a pledge (first of all, thank you!), and you want to pledge for another reward, I hear you can do this by using a different email address to make the second pledge. Just saying. Here’s the link to the campaign page again. 

Good Night Knight - children's book

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