The Good Night Knight – FREE children’s ebook preview

FREE children's ebook preview

FREE children’s ebook preview

I’m looking for a few good readers and supporters for the launch of my children’s book, The Good Night Knight. Submit your name and email address then you will receive an email to download a FREE children’s ebook preview of the book. This ebook is the first half of the story that will appear in the final printed book. I’ve created a few different file formats (iPad, Kindle, PDF). I need your help to see if they work the way they should. So, sign up, download, and let me know.


Here’s the request

If you submit your name and email address I will send you the ebook preview of The Good Night Knight. Please test it out, proofread it, and enjoy it! If something doesn’t work properly for you and your device, go the Good Night Knight facebook page, locate the free digital preview post and leave a comment.


Some details for transparency

I am asking you to sign up to my email list to build a tribe of like-minded individuals. When you submit your email you will receive an email asking you if you meant to sign up. Agree and you are in! The next email will contain links to download the digital preview. By signing up, joining the tribe, and testing the ebook versions of The Good Night Knight you will be on a list to receive early and special offers related to the book. Of course, if you want to get the free ebook preview and then unsubscribe you can do that too. This offer will only be available until August 15th, 2017. After that, we will be moving on with the production of the printed book and the various supporting items.


My pledge

When you sign up I promise to send very few emails along the way. Nobody likes to be harassed and honestly, I’d rather spend time creating new projects than sending annoying emails. I may send an email asking to help spread the word or share a post. Hopefully, it is the kind of artwork or story that you would want to share even if I didn’t ask anyway. Of course, your information will remain private and protected. I will never sell your info because that is shady, dirty, and really wrong. I’m trying to make new friends here! And that is no way to treat friends.


The Good Night Knight FREE children’s ebook preview

Thanks to all that have shown their support already and welcome to the new friends that have just arrived. Please sign up for the FREE children’s ebook preview and connect with me on facebook!

The Good Night Knight ebook cover - FREE children's ebook preview

The Good Night Knight ebook cover


Josh Will

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